How To Accomplish Your Family Vision

How To Accomplish The Creator’s Vision For Your Family As Head of
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by Robin Kegler
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What is Vision?
Having a perfectly clear picture of an ultimate destination and detailed road map to get there
The ability to see what is very real in the spiritual realm (invisible), but does not yet exist in the natural realm (in your life)

Four Types Of Vision
A personal vision is what you see for yourself. It is birthed out of our purpose. Your purpose was placed inside of you before you were born and gave you purpose for being. Your purpose speaks to your design, who you are and lays the foundation for your destiny.
A family vision encompasses those who are closely tied to you. It is related to the personal vision because it is an extension of who you are.
When you come into agreement with someone, whether it be a spouse (or second parent), father, mother, sibling, etc., it is for the purpose of accomplishing the vision established by the Creator for each member in your family.

The corporate vision for your service/work is also an extension of the personal vision planted in you. A corporate vision uses all the gifts, talents and abilities of every person of your service/work environment to honor your Creator by expressing who you are designed to be as you serve and work. It is also a stepping stone to walking out your purpose.

A Global vision is one with a world-wide perspective. What do you see as a result of your service/work being established? How does what you see affect how you do things because of the Creator’s view and purpose for your life and your children’s lives? What impact does your service/work have on the world? To what extent is your work and what you do as a family reach beyond your four walls and neighborhood to bring life to others in the world?
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The Creator is looking for parents, grandparents & guardians who are committed to carrying out His vision for your family and not your own

What is a Vision from the Creator?
A vision from the Creator is: Conceived in the Spirit of the Creator…Sown into the spirit of man and… Achieved by the Spirit of the Creator with the cooperation of man.

The Creator’s vision focuses on the Creator’s way of doing things on the earth in every aspect of our lives. It is not limited to our individual families, businesses, or friendships. It extends throughout the world. It also requires a partnership between the Creator and man to be accomplished.

Questions to be considered about the vision you currently carry for your family:

1.Does the vision I carry affect the others beyond my family? 2.Does the vision I carry reach out to other?
3.Who owns the vision?
4.Who really birthed the vision?
5.Did the vision come out of my needs and wants? 6.Was the vision conceived in the Spirit of the Creator?

How Do I Get a Family Vision from the Creator?

Habakkuk 2:1 (Amplified) says:
“I will stand upon my post of observation and station myself in the tower and watch to see what He will say within me.”

Make sure you are the leader of your family!

A vision from the Creator for your family is given to the leader of your family! You have to know that you have been “set” over your family by the Creator and not because of selfish motives for attention and acceptance.
When the Creator sets you in a specific place of leadership, He separates you from the complexities of life so you can watch, see and listen.

Three Steps To Vision

The first step is to watch

Webster’s Dictionary Definition
Watch- To be attentive or vigilant, to keep someone or something under close observation; to be expectant: wait
What are you watching? You are watching what the Creator is doing and how He is moving in your family. The position of watching is very active. It’s watching in prayer/meditation. It’s watching in fasting and watching in silence.
As you watch and wait, the Creator gives you the ability to see what He is saying.

The second step is to see

Webster’s Dictionary Definition
See- To come to know (discover); to form a mental picture of (visualize); to perceive the meaning or importance of (understand): to take care of.

The Creator speaks in the silence. The Creator shows you a panoramic view of what you are to do. You see with clarity what the Creator is saying. What you see is always greater than what you can accomplish a part from your Creator. If what you see isn’t greater, continue to watch and wait!

The Creator’s vision requires His hand to move in the midst of what you are doing. If what you are doing can be accomplished without any type of intervention from the Creator – it is not a vision for your family from the Creator.

The Creator’s vision…
1.Impacts the global community.
2.Is beyond your natural ability to accomplish without the Creator’s support or Him moving in you.


Once you see what the Creator is saying, it becomes your responsibility to get what’s in you, out of you. How? By fine- tuning your hearing to the Spirit within you to listen for specific instructions.

The third step is to listen.

Webster’s Dictionary Definition
Listen- To hear with thoughtful attention; to be alert to catch an expected sound.

What are you expecting? The Creator’s plans have an expected end for your family that is good (Jeremiah. 29:11- 13).

The Creator knows what He wants to accomplish through your family!
You must listen for direction on what to do next. How to do it? When to do it?
Habakkuk 2 mentions that the vision is for “an appointed time.” In addition to the ultimate attainment of the vision, there are intermediate steps.


It is important to be aware of what The Creator is saying now and move as He gives direction. Missing the “window of opportunity” can delay the attainment of the ultimate vision from the Creator.


The Creator shares the vision with you first. He writes the vision on your heart so that it gets into your spirit. Placing the vision in your spirit allows:
1.The Spirit to ignite a burning desire (passion) within you to accomplish it.
2.The desire to grow as you run and share the vision with those in your family.
3.The shared vision to create ownership and synergy.

1.Talk about the vision
Talking about the vision gets your family members excited about what you see (The panoramic view from the Creator).
2.Write the vision for your family members to see and to serve as a tangible plan.
When the vision is put in writing, your family members can read it for themselves. As they read, the Spirit places the desire to accomplish the vision within their spirit.
The written vision becomes a tangible action plan for your family members to follow.
The vision from the Creator is constant. The plan to accomplish the vision is a variable.

The variables include:
1.Your leadership ability
2. Your spouse, other parent, or who you share leadership with and the children who follow you
3.The adversary and his attacks and more….
The ultimate goal of the adversary is to cause di-vision (divorce), separating family members from accomplishing the ultimate vision the Creator has for your family.

Writing the vision helps your family members to take it in, review it and allow time for the family vision to sink into their spirit.

A shared vision produces ownership.

The ownership of the vision flows from the Creator to you (as primary leader); from you to your spouse, second parent; from the extended family members (grandparents, adult family members, guardians), to the children who follow you. At that point, the vision becomes a living organism moved by the entire family (you, the second parent, children and extended family members who follow you).


Uniting headship (The Creator), leadership (primary family leaders and support leaders) and the children together produces oneness and strength. It is fueled by the desire to accomplish the Creator’s vision.

According to Ecclesiastes 4:12, “a three-fold chord is not quickly broken.” Everyone becomes actively involved in accomplishing the Creator’s vision for the purpose of impacting the global society by doing things the way your family member is purposely designed by your Creator.

When will the vision from the Creator happen?

The vision of from the Creator will happen when it is shared. “A three-fold chord is not quickly broken.” When the vision is shared between the primary family household leaders, extended family members and children, it produces a desire for the fulfillment of the vision.

How will it happen?

The Creator’s vision will happen through you as parents, your extended family members and children as you operate and maximize your gifts and talents as the Creator designed you.

As your family fulfills the Creator’s vision at home, your children will also move closer to accomplishing their purpose and personal visions for their lives. Both visions compliment each other and work together for good.

Who can the primary household leader count on?

The primary household leader can count on those who carry the Creator’s vision in their heart and spirit. When it gets into the spirit of your spouse (second parent), children and extended family members, the Spirit will compel them to go beyond their own capabilities to relying on the power of the Creator through them to bring it to pass.

Secondly, you can count on those in your family who have a servant’s heart. Those willing to serve bring honor to the Creator. As you serve one another, the love of the Creator is seen by the world.

Who will the Creator Use?

The Creator will use those who are committed to carrying out His vision and not their own for the family. The Creator’s vision focuses on His way of doing things in the earth in every area of our lives (home, school, work, etc.).
As the leader of your family, I challenge you to reach beyond where you are and what you see, to catch a glimpse of what the Creator sees for you, your spouse/second parent and children.

If you are a young person, you are at the best time in your life. Your enthusiasm, energy and joy for life can be used by the Creator to literally rock the world! Are you up to the challenge?

Copyright 2018 Robin Kegler All Rights Reserved

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