This is your special invitation to join the KIDS BY DESIGN Lifetime Membership.

As a lifetime member, you will continue to have access to the core program (5 modules) and the resources, plus these benefits:

What that means for you:

1. You will have continual access to the private member area as long as you remain a member

2. You will have access to the tools and resources in the KIDS BY DESIGN Program to use with your family every day of the year

3. You will get access to NEW tools and resources developed to go beyond the basic program

4. You will continue to support and assist your child (children) in their pursuit of purpose as they walk out one step at a time and much more!

Your Lifetime Membership is only $9.95 per month until you cancel. You can cancel at any time and owe nothing more. If you choose not to enroll into the KIDS BY DESIGN Lifetime Membership, your current membership will end in 20 days.

Here is the link to Enroll in the KIDS BY DESIGN Lifetime Membership Program:

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