Member Action Guide Mod 1 Lesson 3

Topic: 3 Questions

Pre-Requisites/Review Previous Material (Links):

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Member ACTION GUIDE Module 1 Lesson 3: S.H.A.R.E. Conversations

For Parents and Children (joint activity)– Take a few minutes and discuss these questions with your child. Come back to these questions often, especially when they are starting something new.

Question: Do I belong?

Review the activities your child is currently involved in. Let your child share how they feel about being a part of the group? Do they feel comfortable? Are they able to express themselves freely? Who do they connect with in the group(s)?

Question: Why am I here?

What is the purpose of your child’s involvement in the group? Have them share their thoughts.

Question: Does what I do matter and how?

How does your child’s involvement in the group make a difference? Let your child express their thoughts. Pull out specific examples in their experiences in the group. Celebrate areas of growth. Discuss how to handle conflict and challenging times too. Ask your child if they want to continue in an activity or let it go. Have them support their decision, if possible.

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