Member Action Guide Module 1 Lesson 2

Topic: The Power of Thoughts, Words & Imagination

Simple 3 Step Process to Examine Each Thought 

#1 Mind Management

When you or your child gets a thought, ask & answer the following questions to verify the power of a thought in your life:

  1. Is this thought really true?
  2. How did the thought make you feel?
  3. What did you do (action/behavior) based on how you feel/felt about the thought?

#2 Garden Mind Field Cut the fuse along the way, in stony and thorny fields

What negative thoughts can you and your child eliminate from your life today?

Use these steps to examine your thoughts:

  1. Pick a thought
  2. Ask: Is this thought really true?
  3. How is this thought serving you right now?

REFRAME Negative Statements


Thought: “I can’t do anything right?”

REFRAME the Thought:

“I make mistakes sometimes, but I do a lot of things really well too.”

#3 Proverbs 4:20-22

  1. I will pay attention to my Creator’s words, and the Creator’s words only (verse 20)
  2. I will lean into the Word to hear what the Creator is saying (verse 20)
  3. I will keep my eyes on the Creator’s words and see myself in it (verse 21)
  4. I will keep my heart tuned in to the Creator’s words (verse 21)

I will always have victory!

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